We owned our cabin for 32 years. It is on a prime Burnett County Lake, and as word passed around of our intent to sell, we were contacted by two different parties who ultimately presented offers directly to us. After we considered their offers to be inadequate or potentially complicated, we spoke with Lakeside and one other realtor. Clearly Deb Hitchcock Gale understood the inherent value of our property to the right buyer under the right circumstances. After serious consideration and discussion with Deb, we settled on a price about 150% of the two earlier offers, and our cabin property was promptly sold following listing. We take satisfaction in knowing it sold for our asking price but also to a family who clearly understands its inherent value and whose plans coincide with the opportunities of its unique location and design. In my opinion, Deb’s staff and her professional skill saved both buyer and seller time and money in a well executed transaction. I think Lakeside gave us “six star” service!~ Bob Eidsvold