How To Show Clients That You Appreciate Them

Debra Hitchcock-Gale appreciate clients

Debra Hitchcock-Gale is a leading and trusted agent when it comes to buying and selling homes in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. From waterfront cabins, vacant lots & land and residential homes; her unparalleled industry knowledge, experience, and local expertise will help guide you in the right direction as you navigate the world of real estate. Learn how show your clients that you appreciate them so that they appreciate you.

Did you know January is Client Appreciate Month? First and foremost, I wanted to start out by stating how grateful I am for each and every client that has trusted me to through the process of walking you through the buying/selling process. This is my livelihood and I am so thankful that I am able to work in an industry that I am so passionate about. If you want to learn more about my passions click HERE.

So how do you go about showing clients that you are thankful for their business?

“Customer service is, after all, what separates the exceptional from the good. I don’t care if you are selling popcorn, diagnostic images or real estate: How you treat your clients is important, and in my opinion, becoming more important with every passing day. ”

(Jay Thompson, 2020)

Communication is KEY.

You have to work to avoid frustration by providing clear and concise communication. Provide value to your clients so that they will feel a sense of satisfaction when working with you. Your clients matter. Their lives are busy and they desperately want to feel like they are appreciated. You’re not just a number. You’re a member of this family when you work with me.

Follow up!

After everything is said and done, be sure to follow up with your clients to make sure they’re experience was everything they were hoping for.

Send a nice gesture or token of appreciation.

Find something that shows your client that you appreciate them. Whether that be a handwritten letter or a small token of appreciation. Treat your clients the way you would like to be treated. Show empathy and doing your best to exceed their expectations.

Learn more how to show your clients that you appreciate them HERE.

As always, thanks for reading!

Deb Hitchcock-Gale