How To Negotiate in Real Estate

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While skimming through one of my favorite blog posts from RISMedia’s Housecall, I stumbled upon this interesting point of discussion… Here are the five top ways to negotiate in the business of real estate.

Negotiate in Person

In a world that is filled with technology, if given the chance you should aim to make all of your negotiations in person.

“Body language is an essential part of human communication. Seeing and interpreting a customer’s body language assists in negotiating better terms. You should consider taking classes on body language interpretations if you haven’t already.”

Johanna Baker (2020)

Include an Escalation Clause

Protect the things that you value!

An escalation clause is where a buyer agrees to pay a fixed amount over the highest offer you receive as long as it doesn’t exceed a fixed cap.

Johanna Baker (2020)

Be Attentive

Show them that you care and are passionate about your mission. Pay close attention.

Avoid Desperation

Don’t act desperate! Sure, you may get excited when you receive prospective offers, but don’t show your cards too early! You can be polite, courteous and assertive all at the same time.

Research Your Customer

Take the time to really get to know your customer/potential buyers. This will help you foster a genuine relationship and build a better reputation. The more trusting your customer is, the more likely they will be to open up.

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