Burl Wood – A Blast From The Past

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Debra Hitchcock-Gale is a leading and trusted agent when it comes to buying and selling homes in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. From waterfront cabins, vacant lots & land and residential homes; her unparalleled industry knowledge, experience, and local expertise will help guide you in the right direction as you navigate the world of real estate. Learn more about how burl wood is making a comeback in 2020, below.

Feelin’ Like The 1970s

The ancient relic known as burl wood is making a steady comeback in the future of home and office decor. Reports are stating that this old design trend has been recently growing in popularity! What is burl wood?

“Burl wood is sourced from large, round deformities on trees that are suffering from a viral, fungal or insect infestation. Although the deformity is unsightly from the outside, it creates a one-of-a-kind grain pattern that can be used to make stunning tables, chairs, mirror and bed frames, and for the buyer who has the budget, large-scale built-in wall units.”


Add Some “Spark” to Your Home/Office

In conclusion, this deformity is a great way to add some color and “spark” into your home or any other space. It helps to create a warm, inviting and truly unique atmosphere.

Moreover, this type of wood is expensive but well-worth the price-tag. The unique wood type makes a great addition to any space. However, there are many different pieces that you can include in you home that can fit any price-point. There are many reasons to include burl wood in your home. Above all, it helps to breathe life into your space.

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